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  • Fully certified as a commercial operator (AOC)
  • Maintenance process is entrusted to AirPlus GMBH in Friedrichshafen certified by the European aviation authorities (EASA) and remains one of the core value of our processes
  • Approved training organisation (ATO) for pilots : All our pilots are fully trained by our instructors, to give you a pledge of safety through the qualified training of our pilots.


  • Guarantee to find you the best price and service on the market according to your needs. TitanFly commits to have the lowest price on Rimini area and to charge only overnight fees.


  • Low fuel consumption of the Eclipse thanks to a highly optimised engines : the engines Pratt&Whitney has been designed to be fuel-efficient and to reduce the fuel consumption while improving the plane performances.
  • Lower carbon emissions : through access of shorter direct routes dedicated to private jet, our fleet can land on airports closer to your destination and reduce therefore the time of ground transportations.
  • Donation to ecological organisations for each carbon emission: TitanFly wants to participate to the ecological transition and to have an impact on the climate change. For each flight that produce CO2, we will give a percentage of the flight price to carbon offset operations.

Your “Door 2 Door” travel Package

Lack of time to organise your dreamed holidays?
Need to attend a business meeting without being stressed by your travel?
Chill out and focus on what really matters to you!
We will organise your trip from your departure at your place to your return in front of your door! We organise your tailor-made trip to let you focus on your experience.
Ground transportations and aerial transfer :

we book both taxi from the airport and helicopters transfer for your visits.

Booking of accommodations:

from high quality standards to unusual accommodations (bubble house under the stars, yurts, tree house, caravan …).

Touristic sites :

Have a couple of hours free to visit a city without wasting your time? We customise for you an adventure that will include activities according to your wishes/ priorities to optimise your time dedicated to your journey and to enable you to visit the most relevant things that fit you.

Your “Door 2 Door” travel Package


frequently asked questions

All kind of planes, from an A380 (around 500 passengers) that we find in our network of partners to our own small jets Eclipse 500 and Citation Jet 1 (for less than 5 passengers). But we select the aircraft at the best price/quality ratio according to your needs and requirements. A plane for a business journey as part of a team building event for 200 people won’t be the same as the one for a trip with 10 customers who are negotiating a contract. But in all cases, we commit to present our customers the best choice on the market

Essentially time. Thanks to general aviation terminals (private terminal at the airports) the customers avoid queuing during check-in and pass a quicker security control to access directly their jet without waiting. They do not wait for the taxi at the airport or the hotel, and they can even return from their trip the same day they took-off, according to the schedules that fit them !

Whatever route our customers have to browse during their trip, we can book their helicopter, limousine, taxis to drive to the airport/hotel, charter bus… Our motto: “Focus on the experience of your trip, do not waste time, and let us organize every single detail of your trip.”

We ALWAYS provide you snacks and Champagne onboard. However, if our customer wishes some special dish onboard, any type of catering is also available on our flights if requested in the contract previously the flight.

Thanks to our “Door2Door” package, we can take in charge your travel from the door of your office/home, helping you to organize all the details of your trip (travel guide, bookings, transfers with helicopters, taxis to the airport/hotel, limousines, catering… Any advices our customers would need) to your final return at your starting point in front of your door !

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